Website is still under construction and some minor issues should be reported to Bud Cunnally at   Thanks
Website is still under construction and some minor issues should be reported to Bud Cunnally at   Thanks

About Us

Because of America’s wonderfully close ties with Ireland (over 70 million Americans claim Irish heritage), John P. Holland, the inventor of the first United States Submarine, began formulating that craft at Liscannor, County Clare, in the west of Ireland, prompting ISA/USA to hold our 2024 Congress in Ireland. We were also moved by the long overdue recognition that our service was born with the urging of our nation’s second President, John Adams, and the leadership of Commodore John Barry (One of the fathers of the US Navy). John Barry emigrated to America from Tacumshane, a small village southeast in the County of Wexford, Ireland.


The “International Submariners Association” (ISA) is an amalgamation of individual, national Submariners Associations without any specific organizational structure, bylaws or further configuration. It is our mutual experiences as Submariners that connects us.

 ISA is a fellowship between the Submariners Associations of at least 28 different participating nations. ISA is the global community of active and former submariners, which holds a Convention or Congress yearly in different members home country.

History of the ISA

In the early sixties, two key men in the international submarine environment, the Frenchman Commander Jean Blanchard and the German Commander Adalbert Schnee had the opportunity to meet. They both had brilliantly served on submarines during the Second World War. Schnee, a key man in the German submarine force, was decorated with medals of merit. The two men shared their common experiences in submarines and became friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Ireland has two native reptiles that belong to the serpent family: the Common Lizard and the Slow Worm, a legless snake-like serpent measuring several inches long which is native to Clare. It was the Pagon Human sacrifice people that Patrick drove from Ireland that represents the Snakes.

The Government of Ireland Act was designed to create two separate Home Rule territories, both of which would remain in the United Kingdom—a Northern Ireland and a Southern Ireland—that would both be quasi-autonomous, self-governing entities of the United Kingdom. But Irish nationalists had unilaterally declared an independent Ireland and launched a guerrilla campaign—the Irish War of Independence, or Anglo-Irish War (1919–21) and refused to recognize the act; they refused to reconcile themselves to remaining within the United Kingdom.

All full Irish breakfasts include some or all of the following: Bacon, sausages, baked beans, eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and perhaps some cooked leftover potatoes made into a hash or a bubble and squeak. There will also be toast, butter, marmalade, and lots of tea or coffee to drink. Black or white pudding, which is also known as drisheen. The bread served will also often be Irish soda bread, you may also find fried potato farl (quadrant-shaped flatbread) or boxty (Irish potato pancake) as an alternative to brown soda bread.

Before Brexit, it would have been a resounding, “yes.” There was a kind of momentum and there seemed to be a will for reunification. The strong referendum in favor of the Good Friday Agreement on both sides of the border in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic suggested that there was a political will, if not toward unification, at least toward reconciliation.

The agreement gave formal recognition to Northern Ireland’s multiple identities, allowing residents to identify as British, Irish, or both. It ended direct U.K. rule and set up a Northern Ireland legislature and government with power shared between unionist and nationalist parties. The agreement affirmed Northern Ireland as part of the U.K. but set out that it could in the future unite with Ireland if a majority in both the North and the Republic supported the move.

26 May Sunday Event Registration

Area Opens  1000
Closes   1700
Welcome Gift Bag
Trip Details
Event Updates

Sunday Reception

Cocktail & Snacks  1800
Welcome Speech’s  1900
& HOD Gift Exchange


27 May Monday


Breakfast  0600
Bus Departure 0700
Pit stop Turnpike 0900
Cliffs of Moher 1100
Memorial Service 1130
Picnic Lunch 1230

27 May Monday


JP Holland Center 1300-1400
Galway Shopping 1500 – 1700
Dinner 1730
@ Oranmore Lodge
Bus Return  2000


28 May Tuesday Dublin Tours

Breakfast 0630 – 1000
First Bus Departure 0830
Second Bus Departure 0930
City Pass 40+ Attractions Use Hop On/Off Buss
Guinness Experience 1500
Bus Return 1800

Tuesday Evening

Informal gathering 1900 – 2100
Pin/Patch Swap
Sea Stories
Model Building



HOD Meeting    1930


29 May Wednesday Dublin Tours

Breakfast 0630-1000
First Bus Departure 0830
Second Bus Departure 0930
City Pass 40+ Attractions Use
Hop On/Off Buss
Jamison Distillery 1500
Bus Return 1700

Wednesday Gala

(Uniforms/Semi-Formal Attire Requested)
DJ for evening
Cocktail Hour 1830
Dinner 1930
Irish Dance Performance 2100
Thank You 2145
Passing of Scepter
Dancing 2200-2400


30 May Thursday

Breakfast 0630 – 1000 Buss to
Belfast (ISA Great Britain) Leaves at 1000
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check with Hotel to make reservation


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